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Top Party Schools

PubClub.com's College Cheer Is Win or Lose, We Booze!

Top Party Schools Hot Texas Girls
PubClub.com is hooked – Texas is our #1 Party School


What's all this fuss about national rankings in college football when we know the real action is not on the playing field but at the tailgate parties and in the bars?

And just like teams, there are some school that are simply better at this than others. 

That is why PubClub.com presents our TOP 10 PARTY SCHOOLS for 2013-14. These are schools who live by the PubClub cheer of "Win or Lose, We Booze!"

Top Party Schools USC-UCLA tailgate
College football brings out the beer bongs at the tailgate parties.

The criteria consists of the school's current party atmosphere, it's year-to-year consistency and the alumni's ability to continue partying after graduation. Keep reading for comments from students, fans and alumni. Good luck with your school in March Madness!

Top Party Schools Ohio State
These Ohio State students are ready for the tailgate party!

And here's some great news: The World's Larges t Outdoor Cocktail Party is remaining just that, after Georgia and Florida agreed to keep the game in Jacksonville through 2016. Let's party it up!

Think YOUR school should be here!? Send us a comment!

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PubClub.com's Top 10 Party Schools

Top Party Schools Texas Scholtz Beer Garden
The Texas tailgating party starts at Scholz Beer Garden with these hot bartenders.

1.) Texas. Once again, Texas maintains its another party championship for the Longhorns!

There's a bar called The Library, so you can really tell mom and dad you were at The Library all night! 

These Texas sisters party before a UT game.

Hook 'em Horns; one of the best things about Texas are the beautiful girls.

And that's just one of many places on Sixth Street in awesome Austin! This is one great party town. Check out all the bars here! Austin is such an awesome town you party before games at the Scholz Beer Garden and after the games on 6th Street (with really cheap beer, $2 on Thursdays) with the college students or a couple miles down the road with the 30+ party people. 

Add in 60,000 students and this place is no bum steer. 

You just have to love the Longhorns when it comes to the school, the town and the spirit.

2.) Ole Miss. "We may have lost a game, but we've never lost a party." That's the mantra at The Grove, college football's best pre-game atmosphere. They will even give food and drinks to fans from other teams – well, perhaps not heated rival LSU – with the password: Hottie Toddie!" The Grove should be on the tailgate bucket list of any college football party fan.

3.) Wisconsin. It's a beautiful campus right on a lake with a weekly Thursday night outdoor student bash. Then there's State Street, with enough fun bars to warm the soul – even on those chilly fall Saturdays.

College cheerleaders Alabama
Alabama cheerleaders are part of the Bama babes at games.

Alabama tailgate party hot coeds
Alabama girls – and SEC girls in general – are wearing cowboy boots to the games. It's a great look!

4.) Alabama. The 2009 and 2011 National Champs know how to party! There used to be a joint in town in an old train car that served a drink called The Derailer. It was everything clear at the bar plus a splash of soda. Mike Price would have loved the place. They now go to "The Strip" and more bars downtown T-town, the best of which is the Inisfree Pub (go on a Thursday; it's not the zoo at the door and is more fun inside). The Bars are open well into the morning, even drawing in Mississippi State students from nearby Starkville. With Nick Saban having turned the Tide, the party atmosphere is even more intense. Plus, T-town has the best ribs anywhere, the appropriately-named Dreamland). Alabama is also The PubClub.com Blogger's alma mater. 

5.) Florida. Chomp Chomp! The stadium is called "The Swamp," and the town of Gainesville is a good place to get swamped. Last year was rough but the "D" is tight and enthusiasm is high again, and that puts the "chomp chomp" back into the party.

6.) UCSB. Technically, UCSB stands for "University of California Santa Barbara." Students, on the other hand, say it means "U Can Study Buzzed." It's also the country's only campus with its own beach. Party Central is Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista. Even the school president parties here! Or she did in the 90s before she got busted for a DUI.

Top Party Schools Tennessee
After games, the party moves from Neyland Stadium to the UT Strip on Cumberland Ave.

7.) Tennessee. It's good 'ol Rocky Top and the girls are indeed as sweet as soda pop. The Volunteer Navy before the games is great, but don't spend too much time there, for there is a great tailgate party in the parking lot next to the stadium and you can't miss the band's march through campus known as the Salute to the Hill. And then get to the stadium in time for the "splitting of the 'T.' " After the games, walk to the UT Strip. It's awesome! 

8.) Ohio University. It makes this year's list for its insane Halloween party, if for no other reason. And scroll below for those other reasons as students give feedback in the "From the Grandstands" section of this article.

9.) Arizona. Are the students and alumni "Zonies" or not? At any rate, they are usually in a party zone. Plus, it's in close proximity to arch-rival Arizona State, another great place to socialize (fans leave at halftime to refull their drinks for the second half, and there's Mill Ave.).

USC student like to "Fight On" to victory.

10. ) USC. A top-notch football team with what was once the coolest coachin America (PubClub.com once saw Pete Carroll riding a bicycle down The Strand in Hermosa Beach on the Fourth of July and noted his strand cruiser had a cup holder on the handlebars), a great-looking student body, the Song Girls, the Star Wars bar and alumni that go strong year-round (it's the weather) with graduduation providing no deterrent to their partying intensity. All this combines to put the University of Spoiled Children on this list. But here's the #1 reason that USC makes the list: The Trojan alunmi are still partying hard right after – and well – after they graduate. Fight On? Yes, but also Party On for Trojan alumni.

USC has the best post-game party in college football. After home games, the band and Song Girls play and dance in front of the student section for about 45 minutes and the mood and spirit is flat-out awesome.


College Cheerleaders USC Song Girls
The USC cheerleaders are known as Song Girls and they are the best in the land.

College football's best cheerleaders are, year in and out, USC's Song Girls.

The Song Girls shine after USC games.

After games, the Song Girls dance while the band plays.

The fingers up means Fight On.

• Best Small Party School: Rollins College. This is a water ski school in Orlando, Fla. After all, water skiers like to do it wet! Runner-up: Chico State in California, where the prime major is Social Activities. (Triva Note: What California college did ESPN's Chris Berman attend but not graduate?)

• Best Cheerleaders. What's a college football game without cheerleaders. Or, as they are called at USC, Song Girls.

• Best Band(s): Milllion Dollar Band, University of Alabama. Runners-up: USC and the Pride of the Southland band, University of Tennessee.

• Best Bowl Game: Sugar Bowl. It's in New Orleans. Right after New Year's Eve. 'Nuff said.


Ohio State girls Ohio State girls
The girls at Ohio State know how to spell out their school in style! Photos: Jack Fleming Photography

• Ohio State should be ranked among the top there is nothin else to do in this state beside drinking and football.

• Chico State is the best party school small or large. Reason being is that we party like animals and still graduate. If you want proof, put on a Chico State sweatshirt and when you visit other states and cities and see how many people that you meet in high places that came from Chico State.

• Chico State: Well hands down chico is the best party school for small schools. As for bigger schools i would take a look at Washington State University (Wazzu is pretty damn crazy) they drink Busch Light like it is water up there. But where did Chris Berman go to school in California? Barney from Chico.

• UCONN: "Were no Florida State. Yet. But our Football Team is on the Rise and we live in the woods where all there is to do is PARTY."

Dude, dude....wait just a minute here! UCONN should be the undisputed #1 party school in the country!!! On any night of the week (and i do mean any night), you can walk into 10 different wild parties at 10 different spots on or around campus. Dont forget, Spring Weekend at UCONN is the WILDEST partying on earth. If you've never been, let me give you an idea.....Thursday night is the first night where Carriage Housing Community packs in 20-25,000 people into the streets, the woods, and the houses. Friday night is next at Celeron Housing where the crowd has been increased to around 30-35,000 screaming drunken maniacs. Last but not least, Saturday finishes out the weekend in X Lot, a huge parking lot with hundreds of kegs feeding the needs of anywhere from 45-50,000 kids with enough alchohol in their systems to kill a team of clydesdales! Oh yeah...by the way, I believe Playboy Magazine has a list like this one and, if i remember correctly, UCONN was ranked #1 2 years running. On the third year, UCONN wasnt even on the list but there was a footnote at the bottom of the page that read as follows: "The University of Connecticut has been removed from this list because it is unfair to put professional amongst amatures." HA! TAKE THAT BOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Shooter McGavin

• Uconn, all around great party school..yes  but... what put's UCONN on top. SPRING WEEKEND... Every College Student in New England makes the pilgrimage to storrs at least once. don't take my word for it... playboy published in their list of top party schools with an "and small font " notice UCONN was not included in this years list of top party schools, we no longer feel it is fair to include professionals in a league of amatures. 

• UCONN is by far one of the best party schools in the country! SPRING WEEKEND kicks ass when the student population triples and everyone just gets hammered. Outside of that the party scene is always great with tons of parties everyday of the week! Thursdays-Saturdays are insane with both indoor and outdoor parties!

East Carolina Halloween party hot girls
Who can argue with hot coed bunnies at East Carolina's Halloween party!?

East Carolina Halloween party
The aftermath of a party at East Carolina University.

• Hands down, no questions asked, East Carolina University in Greenville North Carolina is the nations top party school. Take a trip to Greenville say after a Saturday night football game!!! 5th street is like Mardi Gras on Halloween. The Greenville Police Dept. (GPD) , closes down a 6 block area because the party is so big and crazy. ECU definitely rocks in as the nations #1 party school. GO PIRATES!!!!!

• ECU is amazing! It is by the one of the top party schools around. The football games are just ridiculous...the team may stink but the fans are great and always true. Reggae on the Lake is crazy. A full day of drinking and listening to great music could not be better. Halloween is a total blur. Downtown is closed off and just a big cluster*&$%...girls dress in the sluttiest outfits they can find and it's just great. Everyone should pack their bags and come to ECU for one weekend to find out what a true party is.

• If you were to do the top party schools of New York State which I think you should, State University College of Oneonta is definitely the #1 top party school there is. I think it would be cool if you did the top schools in New York State. Thanks, a graduating student..and i don't know how i even came back alive..Jennifer from Staten Island, New York Please get back to me on what you think about that and let me know if you even heard of Oneonta. It was voted #1 in the state for years now, over several times in a row.

• I'm so surprised that you do not have UConn and SUNY College - Oneonta on your list. UConn has huge parties. All there is to do in CT is friggin party and that they do. Carriage House parties are crazy they take up the whole street. And Spring Weekend is absolutely crazy. As for SUNY College - Oneonta.... they don't call it Stoneonta for no reason. They really know how to party there. It's crazy.

Top Party Schools Suny Albany coeds
Girls enjoy "kegs and eggs" at Suny Albany.

• I think that SUNY ALBANY should be among your top rated party schools. Not only was albany rated number one for many years, but from my experience this past year, it was INSANE. There are specials at bars every single night of the week, constant house parties, and i don't think I have ever spent more than three days in a row sober.... There's an event we call "kegs and Eggs" which begins at 6 am on st. patricks day...you pay 10 bucks to get into a bar in which the bar tenders spray you with beer, throw pitchers of beer over your head, and pour liquor down your throat. You can see in a couple of the pictures there that we are soaked, and its not sweat, its beer.

Top Party Schools Ohio University
Proof of partying crowds at Ohio University.

Top Party Schools Ohio University coeds
In addition to the partying, there are fun and cute coeds at Ohio U.

• Granted, the schools on your list are party schools (I've visited 6 of them), but the Top 10 should definitely include OHIO UNIVERSITY in Athens, Ohio! Where else do they have a Halloween party where the city literally doubles in size, riots every year due to the time change in April because the bars close an hour early, or roughly 20 bars in a three-block stretch uptown? Athens, of course!! They need three separate police departments to contain us!!! OU definitely deserves to be in the Top 10! I don't even have to mention Palmer Fest, High Fest, and the availability of nearby "Meigs County Gold.'"

• Ohio University in Athens should definitely make your list. Sure, we're a MAC school with a shitty football team and an underachieving basketball team. But let's remember that it was not that long ago ('95) that a Lambda Chi beach party was raided by ATF, but all but 2 of the 18 kegs were saved hidden in the house for the party to continue after the cops left. Also, The Union, an uptown bar, was ranked as one of the top small music venues in the country by Stuff Magazine. And if you haven't experienced Halloween or Palmerfest in Athens, you've never really been drunk. And considering we go to school well into June, by about the middle of April all anyone really wants to do is drink all day every day. Enough said...move OU up the list.

Ohio University, Athens Ohio should make the list without a doubt. I just experienced Palmerfest this past saturday and it was unreal. Never been so drunk in my life and never seen so many hot bitches. Drinking started about 8 a.m and didn't stop till about 8 a.m sunday. Can't wait to experience Halloween this upcoming october.

• We now have PROOF that Ohio University should have made your list, as it has made Playboy's 2006 list. Number 9 Beotches!. I've only experienced one other thing that was anything like uptown in Athens on Halloween, and that was Bourbon Street, New Orleans the Weekend before Fat Tuesday (AKA Mardi Gras). It's totally insane!!! Every year I'm there, somehow in the middle of a crowd of 5,000 people I seem to find long lost friends, and lose friends I brought with me. Not to mention the insane number of half naked hot girls (or guys)!! And although Halloween is awesome, I prefer the tradition of the Time Change riots!!! Every year I go visit the Saturday of the time change so we can flood the streets and piss off the cops! And Homecoming, having kegs and eggs, and then hitting the bars at 8am before finally stumbling to the game, and only staying long enough to watch the Alumni Band play. Nothing like it. I've Tailgated at big 10 schools, those are more like professional sporting events, it's extreemly evident you're at a college party at OU!!! Adults just couldn't hang!

• Guys come on, how come Miami of Ohio is not so much as mentioned? The Harvard of the Midwest rocks out 7 days a week with more 10s strutting around than a fashion show, a sweet greek system, basically every house party is NO CHARGE, if you ask you to pay then leave and go to a better party because that one has to be lame...and of course, the clincher: BEER DELIVERY! Not just one place, FOUR places will deliver beer to your doorstep until closing time...oh yeah Oxford has 23 Places that serve/sell alcohol inside 3 square blocks. Nuff said. --Snake, MU '08.

University at Albany in Albany, NY should be on your list of party schools because throughout the 1990s it was ranked number one in the United States, and is consistently in the top ten every year. All there is here are clubs and bars and women from NYC to Buffalo." – Aaron, Jamestown, N.Y.

Top Party Schools Hot LSU Coeds
LSU fans have one great advantage over all other party schools: Close proximity to Bourbon Street!

• " I must have missed something. The omission of Louisiana State University (LSU) completely invalidates your list. Let me just suggest that you investigate and update your list. I suggest starting with the last 10 years of the Princeton Review Top Party Schools." – Ted, Class of '85.

• Of course you wouldn't include LSU in this list of top party schools... this list is only amateurs. When you fill the campus up with RV's on Wed for a Sat night game... you're professionals. LSU Football... Because it's everything Bama Isn't, Better than Tulane, a Southerner's Dream and a Northerner's Wish, The pride and joy of the great state of Louisiana, Mike the Tiger, I bleed purple & gold, Tiger Stadium on a Saturday Night, Ole Miss's worst nightmare, and a place that can get in your blood and stay forever. Geaux Tigers.

• "Win or lose; we boose" is an LSU motto according to playboys version of the top party schools. how are you gonna use it and not even mention LSU? it has been number one plenty of times, and when not at the top its still in the top 10....where is it on your list?

LSU not in your top 10 for party schools is ridiculous. LSU not being mentioned in your top tailgates is blasphemous! For a home SEC game, any home SEC game, there are an estimated 140-150K people on campus tailgating. This for a game in a stadium that only seats a bit over 90K. Best food, bar none. 10-man beer bongs on stilts, and the Krewe of Ragoo, the world champions of tailgating. Hunter.

• You have to be kidding me when I don't see LSU, one of the top party schools of college history. I live in TEXAS; Ausin doesn't have anything on Baton Rouge. And what were you all thinking? Alabama, Wisconsin & Penn State? ok seriously who are you all sending around the country a bunch of high school kids!!! I think we need a revote soon!!! 

• How could you omit Tulane from your list? A party school in a party town with cool bars, great music (funky meters), and hot women.

Tulane can't be on the list. It was labeled "professional" years ago.

• No mention of Tulane University even though it is located in the greatest party city in the land; NEW ORLEANS? Granted a great deal of the partying takes place off campus, but why shouldn’t it be with a bar on almost every corner. More alcohol per capita is consumed in New Orleans than any major city in the country. And is there any bigger or longer party than Mardi Gras when the University actually gives students several days vacation? Truly a case of not ranking professionals with amateurs. No college town in the entire USA holds a candle to New Orleans. 

MSU Bozeman (Montana State), that is where its at...half the kids are on academic probation and the other half are struggling too. We live in mountains with snow..lots and lots of snow..the only tool to really keep a keg cold. plus we've been in high times many-a-times. This is place to go if you love to be outdoors and ski...ski bumbs are all over the campus and so are the hippies...its a true party college. In between classes kids are celebrating 420 or hackie sacking...and plus we have the TESTICLE FESTIVAL.

• Here is your #1 Party School! I just wanted to let you in on a little secret. Perhaps you don't know about the best party school in the nation. Come down to Oxford, MS anytime and I will show you the best time of your life. Find out about the history of "The" University of Mississippi and you'll also realize that Ole Miss has the largest and best Greek Life system in the Southeastern Conference. Hotty Toddy!!! (PubClub.com editor's note: PubClub.com's original Top Party Schools list did not include Ole Miss but it does now.)

• I dont know if yall have ever been to The University of Mississippi, but its one of the greatest parties ever. it says alot when there is a designated area called the Grove just for partying before and after the games. Not to mention the wild frat parties. 

• It is amazing that OLE MISS is not on your list. Ole Miss whips everyone of these schools in partying. There is famous saying here in Oxford, it sais "We may not win every game, but we aint never lost a party. (Bartender's note: We got your word and Ole Miss is part of this year's list!)

Ole Miss is hands down a better party school than the majority of the schools listed. However, it is soooo amazing that Texas has a bar called "The Library"... I bet no one else has that...oh wait, Ole Miss does. Also, the fact that you didn't put us Ole Miss as having the best tailgating just goes to show that you really have no idea what you're talking about. The Grove isn't called the nation's greatest tailgating tradition for nothing. ?

Clemson should be the #1 Party School. (PubClub.com editor's note: Proper pronunciation is "ClemPson.")

• Southern Illinois University is renound for its keggers and boozin way of life. We made Playboy's Top 25 party schools back in the 60's &70's and we are carrying on the tradition. even people from Tuscolusa are impressed.....Roll Tide/

• Why in the world isn't Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) on your list! It is thee BIGGEST party school in Illinois. Every year we host something called Player's Ball and people from ALL over comes to party with us! We are known for our partying. My friend asked her parents if she could attend there and they told her no because it's a party school. Player's Ball is a BIG event that we host EVERY year and we get top performers to come and perform at a concert, DURING the school week. That was rapper Drake first performance in the United States! Now What boyyeee! -SIU Party Animal 

• Not surprised that my alma mater did not make your cut, seeing as the "Bartender" is a Bama grad. However, despite your bias, anyone who's ever graced a Friday night on the Plains knows that you won't get much closer to Heaven than the Supper Club in Auburn, Alabama. Cute boys in khakis, sweaty sorority girls spending Daddy's money on everything but their own bar-tabs, bands that were popular ten years ago playing their greatest hits live, and cold beer in cans. War Eagle!

• I know you went to Alabama, but not having Tennessee in your top 10 party schools is crazy. I dont even go there anymore thats how awesome UT is. You know the football is great and the partying is better. Right now I am at University Of Illinois and this doesnt compare. I have been to over 25 schools in 3 years and and I would have to recommend you think about putting in Tennessee and check out Iowa its unreal up there. (PubClub.com Editor's note: Our Blogger has spent many fun nights on The Strip in K-town and because of this and the awesome pre-game rituals, UT is now on the Top Party Schools list.)

• Providence College. Ok, so we don't have a football team, and our basketball team is mediocre.....we're a small school and title IX screws us over time and time again.....but sports are irrelevant when it comes to boozin hard....because we got no ties...we support your schools...and celebrate their wins by gettin shitfaced.....take spring break for example....you see meatheads havin a casual drink and flirtin..thats partying? how bout PC havin kids shitfaced and passin out in the pool? PC will challenege any school to a drink off and just have you guys pay for the trophy...we'll take it home guaranteed.

• I go to Wheaton College (in Mass., not to be confused with the bible school in IL) and i have to say even though were not ranked with the best of the best of party schools, we def throw good parties for a school that has theme houses rather then frats....i my be biased because i live in one of these houses, but u def dont have to deal with the moronic frat guys who have their tongue hanging out as if they've never seen a female. let it be noted though that, we have hot girls...a few years ago we were listed in the top ten small schools of the east coast who had amazing girls (its 65% female) so if u dont put in this long reply, note us as a school with hot girls and that will be fine.....remember its wheaton college in massachusetts, not to be confused with the bible school that only drinks milk and soda.. thanks 

• Dear Mr. Bartender person, Hey...I go to Ithaca College, and I'm a little pissed we're not on your little list thingy, because we should be. Case in point: #1. If you drive 5 minutes outside of Ithaca there is nothing but farms and cows. There is NOTHING to do here but drink, smoke, and have lots of sex. #2. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE grows their own weed out here. You could smoke the hair of half of Ithaca's population and get high. There are even shops in the Commons that sell bowls, bongs, and pipes in the open because EVEN THE COPS SMOKE! #3. Beer Pong is my religion. #4. It is perfectly acceptable to be drunk at 2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. And if you're NOT drunk by 10, people will think you're weird #5. All the anti-war pro-gay democratic rallying protesting liberal bullshit is tiring, and you need to party it up to relieve the tension. #6. Road Trip. Need I say more? Sincerely, Rae from the East Tower.

Top Party Schools UCSB
UCSB (U Can Study Buzzed!) on Isla Vista in Santa Barbara isa true college party scene.

UCSB Should Be Ranked Higher! First off Roll Tide-Huge Bama boy from bham, UCSB is unbelievable-parties at every house on oceanside Delplaya DR. next to campus make UCSB look like Mardi Gras EVERY weekend-and I go to Bama homecoming every year – I transfered.I live on the ocean with a hot tub 50 feet above a beach where there is always ass running around and people surfing Everybody drinks all the time. I have been everywhere from Texas to every SEC school to watch Bama whoop ass and I can tell you nothin compares.

UCSB/SBCC needs to be higher on the list. I go to SBCC and there are thousands of others who arnt smart enough to get in to the UC but love to party. I have everywhere from Penn State to SDSU to U of Colorado to Chico and I can tell you none compare to Santa Barbara. The university students and City College students combine and make up a crazy city of party people known as Isla Vista. On DP its unbelievable, and almost every weekend parties line the street. Halloween in SB will destroy every other schools parties guaranteed. There were 150 or so other fools from all across the US in the drunk tank with me the morning after. Just take a look at a picture of the street from my door. 

• I think Cornell University should be on this list!...If Ithaca College thinks they should be on it, then we definately should be. In the comment made by Rae from IC, in #6... road trip means the bus ride to Cornell because all those bastards come here to party! 

• URI is definately a party school! Besides all the on campus parties all week long, none of the bars in Rhode Island card, so there's always a place to party.

• I go to Texas A&M and I don't know if you have ever been to an Aggie football game, but it is doubtful because it wasn't on your review. Call it the 80,000 + fans, the drunken yells, or the extreme loyalties to A&M, but I can't see how anything can top it. After the game its just a short walk over to the Dixie Chicken, the heart of the Northgate bars to continue the fun. Maybe you should even take a peek at the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band. They are definitely one of the top bands in the nation. Keep your eye out next season, because we just got Dennis Fran and if we aren't going somewhere next year then I'll see you at the Nat'l Championships in two! Gig the Sh@# out of 'em, Left Out.

• I have to agree that UConn should definitely be on the list but what surprised me the most is that no where was University of Colorado mentioned.....Colorado is def one of the biggest party schools I have seen!

• Have you ever been to Plymouth State College (Plymouth State University now)? If you haven't, I suggest that you come here. The trips on me even. Plymouth State parties all day, and all night, seven days a week. But if you're not into keg parties at frat and sorority houses every night, travel an hour down I-93 to the University of New "Hempshire," for a good old high time. 

Ever Been to the University of Dayton, located in Dayton, OH?........Obviously NOT! University of Dayton has 98% of their sutdents living on campus in a student neighborhood, better known as "The Ghetto". The Beast flows like water here. Also, you won't find any house that charges any money for a cup or cans. Everyone just wants to have a good time. Not to mention that we have an awesome basketball team that is ranked pretty highly in the Atlantic Ten Conference. The Flyers should be at their best this year too. Being from Pennsylvania, I had an opportuinty to attend Penn State, but chose here. Dayton is smaller, but by the parties, you'd never know! Come visit us sometime, and we will be on your next list! (PubClub.com editor's note: Dayton has a great party event every Thursday called Affair in the Square.)

• How can you leave West Virginia out as one of the top ten tailgating scenes? If you don't think they belong, you should spend one game weekend in Morgantown and you will think differently.

• Texas? Florida schools? C'mon man! I'll go there if I want to go to hip-hop parties with a bunch of yuppies and gangstas... College is for run-down bars with no covers and 10c drafts. Like Mutts in Morgantown that serves nitrous at the bar or the Dungeon (name serves it) with 10c drafts and hotdogs. I'm not going to write a book here but during football season is a whole diffrent story, the furniture is burning all over the place! To truly understand you must experience things for yourself which really can't be done to the fullest extent unless you spend a good amount of time at the school. I graduated WVU back in '96 and since have been to a few Wisconsin games as well as a Michigan and Iowa game (living in Chicago) and honestly the best one was Wisconsin but it still seemed on a smaller scale...

• Have you ever heard of a little school called WVU. We don't even qualify to be on any lists of top party schools b/c back in 1989 Playboy came out with there list of top 10 party schools and said that WVU is no longer eligible to be on any list b/c they don't rank professionals. Anybody can party when it's sunny and 80 degrees. Come to a taligate in Nov. in Morgantown when it's 10 degrees and there is 50,000 people partying at 8 am on a Sat. Class of 1993!!!

• I attended WVU in the late 70's - early 80's. Playboy used to rank the top party schools in the country and Playboy always listed WVU with an *. The *essentially meant, WVU is in a league of their own. The drinking age at the time I attended WVU was 18 in WV. Most surrounding states had raised their drinking age to 21. Needless to say many students at WVU were "out of staters". Tons from NJ for some reason. WV has no professional sports teams so WVU's football and basketball teams have rabid fans. Rabid fans know how to celebrate! Short list of instant memories for any WVU grad: 1. Sunnyside 2. Bonfires in the streets 3. The College Inn 4. Mario's Fish Bowl 5. Nicks Canteen 6. Woodburn Circle 7. The Mountain Lair 8. Wings-N-Things 9. The PRT 10. High Street The local farmers daughters do OK too. The farmers know how to "grow um", if you know what I mean.

• Now really. Vanderbilt University, as quoted by the NY Times: "The girls here are smart, and some of the most unbelievably beautiful and fashionable around. The guys reap the benefits. The fraternity and sorority scene rules and it is not uncommon for girls to drop out of school when they don't get into their top-choice sorority freshman year. Money oozes out of the student body (for the 2nd most expensive school in the country, what did you expect?)...so, we take shots before going out, but they are always Grey Goose and we use Peach Stoli to make screwdrivers. Pre-partying at some of the most posh and expensive bars around town is commonplace...getting obliterated at Boundary or P.F. Chang's ($8-&15 drinks) before going downtown on a Thursday is routine. Football games (although our team is perpetually awful) are formal affairs: guys wear ties and jackets, girls wear cocktail dresses and there is a tailgate at almost every frat house. Everyone is obliterated and dressed-to-impress...football games are a 'see and be seen' affair. Frat parties are unbelievable, they go entirely overboard on their themes: filling their entire house with sand and adding waterfalls off their porches for 'Tiki Parties.' hiring Vanilla Ice to come play for a Saturday night party, and having formals at New Orleans, Destin, The work-hard, party-hard attitude is prevalent and there is substantial pressure to predominate at both." All of this, plus a top-20 school, can you say "work hard, play hard."

• I attend a private college in Tiffin, Oh called Heidelberg College. THE BERG for short considering we have one of the (edited) mascots EVER.... anyway our Football team wasnt that great this year but are busting their butts for a good season this year and our baseball and wrestling teamns kickass. The BERG is one of the BEST party schools around we are ALWAYS getting (EDITED) UP...if our Football team doesnt win by gosh someone did and we wouldnt want them to feel unloved so we are straight those guys that will drink to you.... CONGRADU- (EDITED) -LATIONS and bottums up......if you ever have the chance visit the BERG because we will get you drunk, get you some ass and send you home!

• Yeah, I know it sounds crazy when pondering the fact that Baylor is a strict, private, and academically challenging university, but that makes it all the more reason to party out of control when you aren't studying! Waco isn't the most happening city in Texas, but Baylor Bears definatly know how to have fun. Beyond the holy facade, Baylor kids know how to party. On any given weekend it's very likely to see half-naked girls walking down campus streets, guys streaking through the library, shot blocks, beer pong, and most importantly girls doing keg stands in short skirts. Baylor is full of beautiful, smart, and rich students who can spend fortunes on drinks, parties, and entertainment. And if a student isn't into the whole Frat party scene, there are several bars right across the highway in downtown Waco. For example, Crickets has over 100 beers on tap! The only club in town is Grahams, and no matter how trashy that place is, drunk and sexy Baylor Bears always get down and dirty on the dance floor, and strut their stuff in the Wet Tee-shirt contest every Thursday night! Baylor's motto being "Win or Loose, We're still gonna booze".... These wild animals know how to party, but also will graduate with high GPA's and a great future too!

• hello....UCF...UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA! This school hangs with the best of the best in Florida. Downtown Orlando with the famous BAR ORLANDO, and bars ranging from down the street all the way to Church Street. Its like holy, and the kids here party like none other. (not to mention the girls are hot...coming from a sorority girl herself!) Give us some recognition man,

• Not only is UCF, The UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, a top notch academically but it is proven fact that this school in Orlando is on the rise with its 44,000+ student enrollment. The academic standards is among the highest in the state of Florida and of course the coeds are totally HOT! Just check this out: UCF Cheerleading won the D-IA championship a couple of years ago and has been nationally ranked for 10 years now. Ericka Dunlap won Miss America two years ago. Just this past year, Monica Spears won the Miss Venezuela pageant and competed in Miss Universe contest. Oh yeah, this just in, WB's new reality show, "Big Man on Campus," is using all UCF students and filming the show right on campus. The tailgating in football is among the best in the state of Florida!!!! This school is definitely HOT!!!!

• This is an outrage! The University of Central Florida, UCF, is a HUGE party school and gets wayy too little recognition. I have family and friends at both UF and FSU and UCF beats them anyday. Every night all the bars, clubs, parties, you name it are packed with crazy guys and HOT girls. We even have two places to party in (around UCF, and downtown). 

• You guys obviously didn't take the time to check out the big schools in small towns where there's nothing else to do but drink. If you ever get the chance and want to see a real party school, head to Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. By pure drinking standards, it puts all others to shame.

Why is umass amherst not on that list??? Umass is known for it's partying and not only that, it's drunken riots during sports events! I don't know one person who goes there who hasn't had a crazy party expirience of some kind at least twice1 Chances are that everyone knows someone who has partied there, even if they don't attend the school. 

• I don't know how UMASS Amherst is not on this list. Everyone comes here for their parties. I have friends all over New England who come here for the weekend because their schools suck! they come from UNH, UCONN, Northeastern, BC, etc. Schools that you'd expect to have a decent party scene. So let me tell a little about my weekends. First I hear about the small stuff, dorm room parties, round robins on some "sports floors." quick ways to get the weekend started. Then I have a couple options: I could head down to the notorious southwest dorms where the party is practically in the streets. People are yelling out the windows, alcohol everywhere, the girls are nothing short of beautiful. This goes on every Thursday through Sunday night. If the Pats or Sox won a game then the party is even bigger. But as much fun as that all sounds I prefer the frat parties. I've seen stuff I never thought id see. And all the frats try to outdo each other. Girls on the bars, living rooms turned into clubs, free booze everywhere, sports games on every TV. I don't remember last night come to think of it. SO the point is: zoomass is crazy. There's nothing like it. It's kinda cool that not many people now how much of a party school UMASS is till they get here. They sure as hell are surprised. I think some kid already said it on your site but he was being honestÉ "I don't know one person who goes there who hasn't had a crazy party experience of some kind at least twice." Personally I would change that twice to every weekend but that's just me. – A very concerned student, lol 

Iowa State should be one of the party schools! 

Oregon cheerleaders
Oregon, like USC, has hot cheerleaders.

In regards to the best cheerleaders, EVERYBODY knows that Oregon has the best in the pac-10. USC is great too, but most of their fans even think that Oregon's is better.

Top Party Schools South Carolina hot coeds
With coeds like this, it's easy to root for South Carolina.

South Carolina can party, too! GREAT bars. 5 Points is right by campus and it is littered with drunken college students that bar/club hop. Everything is there and a lot of my friends from home cannot believe how hot all the girls are. At Rafters, they constantly hold random contests (Lap dance contest, ass shaking contest, girl action contests, anything that can happen on a bar...happens at Rafters (hot on Thursdays and Saturdays, predominantly college students during these nights). (Bartender's note: I used to cover South Carolina games and have some very, very pleasant memories of going out in Columbia!)

• The University of Delaware should be mentioned somewhere also! partying is the reason why people go to UD. school is second to getting drunk all during the week. Delaware was number one on the princeton party school list about 6 or 7 years ago or something like that and it should definately be a school to check out. the football games r crazy and there's nothing like a tailgate party before the games. 

• Having the U of A at #9 was insult enough, but to then mention that it is close to ASU – is like saying "Chico State is a good school plus it is close to Stanford" to your high school guidance counselor. Keep up the list it was pretty cool even though I am now 34 with a gut and married with children, The only real partying I do when visitig So Cal is when my Buddy and I are slamming beers and doing shots while playing Torrey pines and our better halves are not making the calls. After graduating from Arizona State University I spent a year doing nothing but partying and surfing in La Jolla and P.B. and having been to the campuses of some of the schools listed – Texas,Florida State,– there is no place like Pacific Beach and Lajolla– the most laid back,down to earth, real fuckin people ,hot chicks and and enough bars to keep the Irish rugby team busy for the summer. Enjoy the weather and maybe when I do the "Zonie" trip this summer myself and the Friend I mentioned will sneak away for some vicarious partying. missing windnsea. – Chris GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY ( WCU) is one of the biggest party schools in Pennsylvania! with its small town and large amounts of students moving in on/off campus, there's no way that people can't throw a party. There is barley any residents that aren't in college that live in West Chester. That's what makes this college a place to party, you can walk down the same street and see at least five diffrent parties goin on. GO RAMS... 

• In 2002 Indiana was ranked the #1 party school. The greek system and bars make Indiana one of the elite schools to attend and visit (when thinking about a great party).. Between the renound Little 500 and homecoming, Indiana is the best drinking experience in the world. Don't believe me? Stop by Bloomington, Indiana and you won't believe what goes on!

• What about ASU? Just because the president of Arizona State has tried to eliminate ASU's party image doesn't mean that this has happened. There are still a growing number of Bars all over the place at ASU. Check out Mill Avenue for a good time. 

• Yo, what's up with the list!?!?!? All I've got to say is ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY and Mill Avenue if you REALLY wanna know what's up!!! 

• The fact that ASU is not on this list is a crime to humanity.  We have the best weather and best girls in the country, and party at pools in December.  Any school in the Midwest and on the East coast does not. EVER.  Our schools President has done everything he possibly could to curb partying at ASU and they still rage like there is no tomorrow.  We have Mill Ave, Scottsdale, Havasu, and the apartment pool parties are the best in the country.  I have been to most of the schools on the list – Wisconsin?? Ohio?? C’mon – if you are going to put U of A you have to include ASU.  GO DEVILS! 

 Loyola New Orleans is a party school for a few reasons...1- It's the only school in the country that still allows alcohol in the dorms. 2- in new orelans the law states that as long as you are in a residence you can drink at age 18! 3- Loyola supplies free beer to students on "third friday" parties which happen the third friday of every month- and it's not even at night- beer arrives at 4:30 pm!. 4- Loyola sells beer on campus (in the "underground" the campus's coffee shop/lunch area. 4- two words- MARDI GRAS! 5- It's new orleans! probably the most fun city in America! Bars never close and we never stop partying! For these reasons, Loyola New Orleans is surely one of the top party schools in the US!

• Hello! I wanted to tell you about Stony Brook University here on Long Island, NY. You want a party? We're talking all night, every night! There are bars on and off campus. Stony Brook is a stones throw away from Port Jefferson, NY...another party town! Port Jeff has over 7 bars within a few blocks from one another! Stony Brook is also known for it's party people that love sex, drugs, and Rock&Roll! Bottom line, it may be a number 1 party school, but it should be added to the top 10 - without a doubt. Ps - Yes, Oneonta IS another crazy party school. I have been there several times and I've been amazed every time! Also, don't forget about Nassau Community College. Believe me, this school is nuts! Huge turn outs every weekend! GB Stony Brook, NY.

• The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., should be added to the list. Playboy magazine ranked the freshman dorm as the #1 sexual active dorm in the country. It's also the #1 address for pizza delivery starting at 9:00a.m. and going until 4:00a.m. – Danielle BA '94

• If there is one party school that should be on your list, it must be Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY! Sure, we don't have a football team and we're Division II (However, our lacrosse team was 2004 Div. II National Champs!), but we LMC students, like myself, know how to par-tay!!! You see, Le Moyne is a Jesuit college. YES, THAT'S RIGHT! A JESUIT COLLEGE!!! But before you critizize, ya gotta recognize. We all have to break some holy rules. In the Spring semester we have Dolphy Day. Dolphy Day (Le Moyne's nickname is the "Dolphins") is considered as the Oktoberfest of LMC and when your here on this widley celebrated day, it's all about the booze!! Friends, family, even Syracuse U. students from all over come to the campus to get their drink and party on!! So, come on down to LMC and bring your father, son, and holy stash of spirits!!!) 

 Buena Vista University should definitely be one of the top private party schools in the midwest...for only having 10000 people in the town..we sure do party it up..with the crazy drunk bus..chants...to malarkys partying it up..we also only offer one dry dorm..thats not bad for lil iowa..being from the chicago area..i know whats going on.

• Where's the love for the best basketball state in America? University of Kentucky has all you need. Horses, Bourbon, Tobacco, and not to mention Playboy's #3 HOTTEST COLLEGE WOMEN in the nation. Yeah there isn't 1 huge party every year like I just experienced at Ohio Univ. for Halloween, but thats a different story. But at UK you can always expect to see the finest ladies and you can always find a party on State Street or at any of the amazing bars here in LexVegas. Come on down south and visit sometime.

• .About The University of Kentucky being a top party school. Coming to UK after growing up in southern California, experiencing UCSB parties, etc, I agree that UK should be on the list..and even above UCSB. Part of discovering UK's parties is knowing WHERE to go as it's a dry campus with very strict campus cops and beer sniffing dogs, not kidding about that. Everyone blacks out the windows of their party houses with black trash bags and has everyone enter through the side of the house from the back ally so the cops don't see. University Avenue, the street i lived on this year, is the NEW party street of UK, as State street gets busted too often. It backs on to the railroad tracks and the constant trains going by which drowns out the noise. Walking to class on University Ave. on a Monday morning you'll see a lone heel in the grass (have seen this way more than once, and it's just funny), keggers, beer bottles, couches, and recliners on the lawns, along with a nice lawn blanket of beer cans. I really wish someone would do a reality "insider's" video/series of the parties and students social atmosphere here at UK without the possible implications of underaged drinkers being seen on tv by law enforcement. You have to know what to look for..there's not just parties, there's all day drink fests while tailgating, keeneland races and..again, all day drink fest tailgating, and the yearly derby again accompanied by the latter. UK parties hard 7 days a week and the best part of it all is that the majority of it is very safe. Farm boys, with the boots and everything, will gladly walk you home and take care of the girls when they're beyond drunk, rather than taking advantage of them. I've had my roommate returned to my dorm room at 3am by 2 boys who didn't know her at all and found her laying on the sidewalk on campus. You don't have to worry about getting roofies in your drink or being left to stumble your way home. There isn't much else to do in Lexington, KY, when the races and games arn't going on, so everyone parties, and if the raters were told by the local students where to look for these parties, I am positive that UK would make the list and do well. My favorite part of all of this is constantly seeing empty bottles of Kentucky Gentleman (an alcoholic beverage in a huge container) littered on the sidewalks all around UK. Kentucky Gentleman they really are. 

CofC (College of Charleston) is the best party school in the nation. We party so hard 'I'm the only person sober enough to even find your website. Peace Cougar Crazies.

• The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, UNCW has got to be considered one of the nation's top party schools due to the highest concentration of bars per capita in the nation and pretty much being located right on the beach. We didn't get the nickname Wilmywood for nothing. With shows like Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill both being filmed on campus, along with a slew of hollywood movies, UNCW students can be find all over the WB. Our women our beautiful and our beach parties at Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach rival any coastal school. With at least 3 pro/am surf contests a year, wilmington has been in the top 5 surf colleges nationwide for the past few years. Our basketball team has been in the NCAA tournament 4 out of the last 5 years and busted many of your brackets each time. Again, when you have women as beautiful as ours, its hard not to be a top party school. 

• Okay to end the dispute Georgia is the number 1 party school, first of all nobody has a football season like the SEC, everybody is a rival and then Georgia beats everybody but Florida every year and I was actually at the game 2 years ago when Georgia did beat Florida and it was just like we expected, great. Georgia by far has the best chicks, because they are hot and they don't BS. Athens is where the dream of having threesomes go to die. You have to have game to pull chicks, but if that don't help, Athens has plenty of bars to fill the night up with something. Athens doesn't have anything 10 minutes outside of it, so everything is in there. You can't go to a 4-way stop and see an ugly chick, I know, I tried. I was in seattle for a minute and thought maybe it was BS, maybe hot chicks really are just everywhere, but having been back home...heck no, UGA chicks have the tits, the ass, the tan and a kick-ass football team. Hey can the SEC catch a break this year, When auburn went undefeated in 05 they should have went to the game, but no OU goes, we all knew AU should and I hate them. Oh yeah and our mascot kicks ass, it was voted number 1. 

• Georgia Southern University should definitely be on your list! Its a known fact in Georgia that we can out-party kids from Athens anyday! We tailgate like champions for football games, and we actually have a really good team! We even have a town "celebrity," Ace from MTVs real world. He owns some of the coolest bars down here and partys here all the time. In statesboro, no matter what day of the week it is, you can always find a keg party, walk to the bars with your friends, and get WASTED!!!! Despite the towns attempt to take away happy hour and drink specials, the students protested and got them back! now i think thats enough to make us eligible to be one of the nations top party schools!!! (Bartenders' note: I've been to and partied in Statesboro.)

• Florida State! The best bar in Tally, bar none, has to be Bullwinkles!&





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