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Hermosa Beach's Best Sports Bars

Reviewing Hermosa Beach's Top Sports Bars

Hermosa Beach LA Kings Championship Parade
Hermosa Beach, home of many of the LA Kings, hosted a parade after the team won the Stanley Cup.

By Kevin Wilkerson, PubClub.com

Sports bars in Hermosa Beach are nearly as plentiful as sand. 

Actually, most of them are bars that also show sports rather being than true sports-only bars, but that matters not to locals, for they bring in patrons to watch the home team(s) and especially for the major sporting events.

Most places have small patios with a few TVs facing the tables, so it's possible to be outside enjoying the great California weather while watching sports. Try that in December in Philadelphia or New York.

Hermosa Beach Sports Bars North End
LA Kings fans celebrate at the North End, where many Kings players make thier hometown watering hole.

Hermosa Beach also has three bars devoted to dedicated transplanted pro fans who live in the South Bay, one for Boston fans, one for Chicago fans and one for Steelers fans. And, as all of Los Angeles discovered during the city's improbably run to winning the Stanley Cup, not just an LA Kings bar but the LA Kings/ home bar.

Several places show UFC fights, some for free, some for a small cover ($5-10; this varies).

This is a review of the Best Sports Bars in Hermosa Beach.


Hermosa Beach Sports Bars American Junkie
American Junkie bartender Jerika pours a tube of Bud Light for sports fans.

The largest of all the bars along the Pier in Hermosa Beach, Junkie is the game-watching bar for alumni of of Michigan and Arizona State.

It's a lively atmosphere, especially when one of those teams scored a TD: The team's fight song plays, the Daisy Dukes-clad bartenders jump up on the bar and start throwing out Jell-O shots.

There are ample big TVs on the patio and the inside bar, and eventually that long bar along the patio will be open and pouring beers. And those beers are cheap; $3 for anything on draft from 4-7, even on weekends. American Junkie also knocks 50% off an individual's tab if they are wearing the wardrobe of the winning team during Monday Night Football.

American Junkie is located on the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza.


Hermosa Beach Sports Bars Establishment
It's easy to establish yourself here at Establishment, especially for USC games.

The former Blue 32 is more of a hip lounge than a sports bar, but it has big TVs and since the place is fairly small you get a great view of all the games. The owner is a big USC guy, so when tehTrojans play, they are on at Establishment. 

Establishment is located on Hermosa Ave., at 14th Street.


Hermosa Beach Sports Bars Fenner's Boston Bar
Boston fans celebrate the Red Sox World Series win at FFFF.

Along with Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica, Fat Face Fenner's (locals shorten its name) is a top Boston bar in Los Angeles. It's certainly Beantown's bar in the South Bay.

PubClub.com was there when the Red Sox broke their long curse and won the World Series title in 2004. And the Red Sox have won two more, much to the pleasure of the FFFF patrons and owner Gary.

So anytime the Red Sox, Patriots or even Bruins play, this is the place to watch those teams in Hermosa Beach.

FFFF is located on the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza.


Hermosa Beach Bars Patrick Molloys
How's this for being sporting: The Bud Light girls during a volleyball tournament. Photo: JackFleming.com

Right next to Sharkeez is Molloy's, which shows its sports on several large TVs, and a few smaller ones.

Patrick Molly's has an open layout with a long bar, booths to the right and three tall tables on a stage. Plus, there's a patio, which is the coveted area when the weather is nice (which is just about all the time in Hermosa, especially prior to sunset).

When things are crazy next door, people like to go to Molloy's so they can spread out a bit, even if it's leaning against the railing. Molloy's is not the frenzy of its neighbor, although it does turn into a bit of a club at night with a pumping DJ. Most of the sports are finished by that time anyway.

It's Happy Hour – half-priced drinks and food specials – goes until 8 p.m., which is great for those games that start at 5 PT.

Patrick Molloy's is located on the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza.


Hermosa Beach Sports Bars Sharkeez
During sports events, the staff wears football jerseys and pass out buckets of beer at Sharkeez.

Okay, people go to Sharkeez Hermosa for EVERYTHING!

Sports is only part of the picture. But it's a big part of the picture. Especially during football season and for any big sporting event or championship. 

Sharkeez is the most popular place at the Hermosa Beach Pier. It's the "default bar" for any local who wants to watch any sports game or big sporting event (like a championship game). As such, it's always crowded (too much so for those who like a little space) and often has a line if it's a really big happening.

It's also the most fun spot in Hermosa for college football. It starts early with a group of locals from Wisconsin who gather in the back to back their Badgers and continues throughout the day with alumni from Michigan, Michigan State, Florida and just about every other school checking out the games.

This being Sharkeez, the "win or lose, we booze" sports cheer of PubClub.com eventually takes control.

There's also a number of local athletes that are regulars at Sharkeez Hermosa, starting with Bill Sigler of Smack Sportswear and leader of Surfest/6-man multi-time winner Magnum P. I.

There are drink specials during Lakers Games, drink and food specials each weeknight plus a Happy Hour from 4-7 that has 2-4-1 drinks.

If it's not too busy or crowded to eat (finding a spot can be difficult for big games), then by all means get something here. This is no sports bar grub; Sharkeez has an extensive menu and all the items are quite good. The owners spend as much time on the menu as they do on any other aspect of the bar.

Sharkeez is located on the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza.


Hermosa Beach Sports Bars Silvio's Chicago Bar
When Chicago teams play, the WACCOs party at Silvo's. 

No one is quite sure just how this small and excellent restaurant on the Pier became a Chicago hangout, but the fact of the matter is that it has became a Chicago hangout.

People get WACCO for their Chicago teams at Silvio's.

The staff, owner and manager are certainly accommodating, the latter even tossing out Old Style beers to thirsty Chicagoans after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010 and it was right there again in 2014 until, of course, the Blackhawks lost to the Kings.

For any big event involving a Chicago team this is the place. It's where the WACCOS go to party – that's Western Association of Crazy Chicagoans and Others – and because the place is small they know to arrive early in order to get a place to sit or stand.

The food here, by the way, is outstanding. And not just the beef, but the chicken, as well.

Silvio's is located on the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza.


Hermosa Beach Sports Bars North End LA Kings Bar
Always a good sports bar, the North End got LA fame when the Kings won the Stanley Cup.

The North End is a half-mile north of the Pier and is primarily visited by locals in the north end of Hermosa. Those lcoals include the Los Angeles Kings and as a result, when the Kings were playing in NHL playoffs –  eventually winning the Stanley Cup – it was one of the top bars in all of Los Angeles for sports.

The round North End is the neighborhood bar of the LA Kings. 

Once known as Critter's, the North End is a round bar with strong drinks, a pool table, juke box with fun tunes and TVs that have sports. This is a casual hangout, worthy of being included any story on Hermosa Beach's Best Sports Bars. 

The North End is located at 2628 Hermosa Ave. It's on the border of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach in an area some long-time locals call "Five Points.


A Polynesian bar, Waterman's shows surfing videos and sports games. 

It shows surfing on its big TVs when there's no sports happening. That's a local sport (to be fair, Sharkeez has been doing this for years). 

To call Waterman's a sports bar is not entirely accurate. More accurately, it is a good bar where people go to watch sports in addition to being in a fun bar. It does get in a big contingent of Kansas Jayhawks fans during basketball season, especially during March Madness.

There's likely to be DJ or even a band playing as day becomes night, but when the games are going on, there are sports on the plasma TVs. The viewing areas are good and because it's rarely elbow-to-elbow crowded there is enough space to practice the occasional jump shot during March Madness.

That's not to say it's not lively because it is, especially on the patio. 

The place also has an incredible Happy Hour, $3 and $3.25 draught beers, and those include premiums like Stella, Longboard and Drifter (M-F, 4-6:30).

Waterman's Grill is located on the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza.


Hermosa Beach Sports Bars The Underground
There's more than watching at the Underground; people go for darts and cheap beer on Wednesday nights.

In sports parlance, this would be known as a double threat. The Underground Pub is adjacent to the Chelsea Pub and while the two are technically separate bars, it's a bit of a thrill to bounce between the two to catch the games.

The Underground Pub, once called Besties after English soccer player George Best, is the more "pubbish" of the pubs. It's bright, has a large room divided in half by people seated and those playing pool or darts. The food is quite good (despite the fact it's mostly English fare, ha ha). If there is a big soccer match on – granted, a rare occurrence in the USA but it happens – then the Underground is slammed. Go on Wednesday night and get a mug of Bud Light for $3 and Stella Artois for $4.

The Chelsea Pub is really a lounge. And a very nice one at that. It's dark and classy (but not at all pretentious). Viewing on the large plasmas are from booths or soft leather couches that are so comfortable they make getting up for even going to the bathroom a difficult mental hurdle. 

It's where the Virginia Tech alumn – some 50 strong –  gather to watch Hokies football games.

For food, there's a very good steak sandwich but also consider the pork chops.

The Chelsea Pub and Underground Pub are located on Hermosa Ave., just south of 15th Street. You can enter between Establishment and Pedone's pizza and go up the stairs (the old English phone booth lets you know you are in the right place), or in the alley behind Hermosa Ave.




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