British Virgin Islands Post-Irma Updates: Soggy Dollar Bar, Foxy’s, Willie Ts, Bomba’s Shack

Several Famous Bars & Restaurants Completely Destroyed; Owners Vow To Rebuild

Corsair’s on Jost Van Dyke shows the destruction of Hurricane Irma.

By Kevin Wilkerson, Travel Blogger

Immortalized in songs, featured on travel TV shows such as E! Online’s “Wild On” and known throughout the Caribbean for its potent “Mushroom Tea” drink, Bomba’s Surfside Shack was an institution in the British Virgin Islands.

Now, after Hurricane Irma ripped through the BVIs leaving unprecedented destruction, there’s nothing left of Bomba’s Shack. Not even a shack.

Bomba’s is just one of many famous and legendary bars and businesses in the BVIs that were wiped out by Irma. Even if pieces of a place do exist, they just a tin roof, perhaps a wall if the place was lucky. Mostly, it’s just piles of wood where it once stood serving drinks like the Bushwacker and Pain Killer.

Here’s a rundown of the top bars and their current condition. PubClub will constantly be updating this article with updates and we welcome you to post your comments, thoughts and and updates in the comments section. is also looking ahead to the future and are working on new posts about the recovery and the charter boat fleets. We’re also keeping an eye on Hurricane Marina.

• Bitter End Yacht Club. Completely destroyed.

There’s not even a shack left of Bomba’s Surfside Shack after Hurricane Irma.

• Barefoot Cowboy (St. John, USVI). Half the building is torn off, tho it’s still standing.

This is the Barefoot Cowboy on St. John after Irma.

• Bomba’s Surf Shack. Gone. In fact the road in front of Bomba’s Shack is completely gone, too. A connection talked with Bomba two days after the hurricane and he – like all others – vows to rebuild and reopen as soon as possible.

Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant, Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke. Building standing but it’s just a shell now. Click here to read a Q&A with Corsairs owner Vinny.

• Foxy’s. Heavily damaged but part of it remans intact. “We are officially letting you all know that as we are ready to receive visitors, we’d like to proudly announce that we will be open for business,” Foxy’s posted on its Facebook page three days after Irma hit the islands.

• Gertrude’s. Gone. Gertrude – who made the best Bushwackers in the BVIs – was injured in the storm. She was helicoptered off the islands and is reportedly okay. UPDATE: Gertrude had surgery to get screws put in her leg. A friend talked to her on Friday the week after the hurricane and reports she is “doing good.”

• Ivan’s Stress Free Bar & Camp Ground. Located next to Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke’s White Bay, has two standing buildings but toppled palm trees and several collapsed buildings.

• Myett’s, Cane Garden Bay. Flattened. It’s a pile of wood. This bar was made famous by the Jimmy Buffett song “Manana” when he sang about seeing “the lights of St. Thomas.” Click here to read a Q&A with Myett’s owner Val.

Paradise Lounge in Cane Garden Bay is not exactly a paradise after Hurricane Irma.

• Paradise Lounge, Cane Garden Bay. A pile of wood. In the photo, see Quitos in the background.

• Rhymers Beach Bar, Cane Garden Bay. The photo tells the story.

This is Rhymers Beach Bar in Cane Garden Bay post-Irma.

• Soggy Dollar Bar. Some good news here (relatively speaking). While mostly destroyed, a couple of walls are standing and there’s a roof. The rest of it is a pile of wood. Three weeks after the hurricane, the owners of the Soggy Dollar issued a statement; here it is in is entirety. 

This is looking down on the Soggy Dollar Bar after Hurricane Irma. Photo: Soggy Dollar Bar
This is the road behind Sydney’s Peace And Love.

• One Love. Next to Gertrude’s and just down from Soggy Dollar, where One Love once stood there is now only sand.

Willie T’s lays beached after Hurricane Irma. Photo: Caribbean Buzz Helicopters

• Willie T’s. Thanks to Randeen for providing this information: It’s beached, stripped of the top floor and everything on the main deck is gone.

All photos unless otherwise noted courtesy of Eric Stone, a singer-songwriter who has performed at all these places in the BVIs.


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