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CA's Wine Festival Season From Palos Verdes To San Diego!

  • It's Party Time For The Trump National Wine & Beer Festival

  • The Scenery Is As Good As The Wine & Beer At Trump National

  • Wine, Women And There Is Song, Too, At Trump National On Sunday

  • Tickets Are Now On Sale For The Scenic San Diego Wine & Food Festival

  • In San Diego There's Bubbly People As Well As Bubbly Drinks

Featured Video: Manhattan Open Celebration!

PubClub.com Featured Articles!

Las Vegas Labor Day The Latest Parties Tips Top Picks

By PubClub.com August 28th, 2014

Sin City For The Three-Day Weekend The pool parties, like here at Rehab, are a big part of Las Vegas on Labor Day Weekend. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com Here's what's

Double-Decker Bus Decked Out As Fender Stratocaster Guitar

By PubClub.com August 20th, 2014

60th Anniversary Of Iconic Instrument Featured On 24 Route The double-decker bus is rolling and also rockin' through London's musical heritage route. By KevinWilkerson, Pu

Johnny Manziel Gives The Finger To ESPN

By PubClub.com August 19th, 2014

With Bigger Sports News, Network Talks About Johnny Football On the field, Johnny Manziel looks for room to run but ESPN is running with his gesture. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com S

Free Surf Lessons In California For Pacific Green Xtreme Indie Film

By PubClub.com August 19th, 2014

Filmmaker Gregory Scott Surfing His Way To Oregon Gregory Scott hangs loose after giving a free surf lesson in Manhattan Beach, CA. As easily as the waves roll into the shore, Greg

San Diego Wine & Food Festival 2014 Tickets Now Available

By PubClub.com August 19th, 2014

Info On The City's Must-Do Singles Event It's a tasty fun time at the annual San Diego Wine & Food Festival each November. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com&nbs

Manhattan Beach Open AVP 2014 Review Bars Party Scene

By PubClub.com August 18th, 2014

The Wimbledon Of Beach Volleyball More Like The Masters Golf The Manhattan Beacn Open 2014 did not exactly reach new heights but it brought beach volleyball badk home. By KevinWil

Fans And Bars A Big Part Of Manhattan Beach Open History

By PubClub.com August 15th, 2014

The Legendary Party History Of The City's Signature Event The Manhattan Open once brought people off their seats in big grandstands on the beach. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.co

Cambria Fall Wine Hotel Package Features Paso Robles Wineries

By PubClub.com August 14th, 2014

Blue Dolphin Inn Central California Wine Tasting Tour Enjoy your complmentary bottle of wine with a soothikng view of the Pacific Ocean. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com 

Jack's Monterey CA Portola Hotel Shines With Its Wines

By PubClub.com August 13th, 2014

Wine Spectator Award Just The Pop Of The Cork A glass of wine at cozy Jack's Restaurant & Lounge is a fine place to relax in Monterey, CA. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.

Jimmy Buffett Concert Fin Fest Hermosa Beach Parrothead Review

By PubClub.com August 10th, 2014

Fins Up For Shark Week For A Free Show On The Sand The blogger, 60+Buffett shows, is at another one with "Jimmy" Of Havana Daydreamin'. By KevinWilkerson,

Jimmy Buffett At Fin Fest Shark Week In Hermosa Beach

By PubClub.com August 9th, 2014

Parrotheads Flock To Hermosa Beach For Discovery Channel Concert Jimmy Buffett is performing at FinFest in Hermosa Beach for Shark Week. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com Parrot

10 Best LA Bars Not To Take Your Wife

By PubClub.com August 8th, 2014

Singles Bars, Dive Bars & Sports Bars This is NOT the place you want to take your wife to but it's FUN; Sharkeez Hermosa Beach. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com There'

Peter B's Brewpub Hosts 4th Annual Monterey Beer Garden

By PubClub.com August 7th, 2014

A Festival Of Craft Beers, BBQ And A Rock & Blues Band   The Monterey Beer Garden features craft beers in a plaza behind Peter B's Brewpub. By KevinWilkerso

LiFE Nightclub Las Vegas Opening Labor Day Weekend

By PubClub.com August 7th, 2014

 DJs Laidback Luke And Dirty South At This New Mega Club LiFE looks to add even more life to Las Vegas nightlife. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com The newest mega club in La

Forever Never Land Combines A Concert With Party Games

By PubClub.com August 6th, 2014

Music Festival Features A Foam Pit Plus A Beer Garden In an attempt to combine pretty much anything the fun adult would enjoy in one place, organizers have created a festival that

10 Ways To Know You Are At A Top Party School

By PubClub.com August 6th, 2014

Identifying The Best College Partying Places People dancing on a bar is one way to tell you're at a Top Party School. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com You can read the lists

Los Angeles Top Singles Hot August Fun Party Events

By PubClub.com August 5th, 2014

Trump Wine Festival Highlights LA's Best Mingling Parties With hot singles drinking beer and wine, the Trump National event is LA's hottest August party event. By KevinWilkerson,

The Who Reaches Out To Fans For 50th Anniversary Celebration

By PubClub.com August 5th, 2014

Band Seeking Bootleg Material & Performances For 'Who Hits 50' The Who is looking back on to past for its present-day tour. The Who turns 50 this year and is doin

Top 10 Wish List For The 2014 College Football Season

By PubClub.com August 3rd, 2014

Uniforms, The Playoffs, Tailgating And 'The' Cocktail Party Tailgate parties, which you can't get watching games at home, should be embraced by schools. By KevinW

Top Party Schools Cheer: Win Or Lose, We Booze!

By PubClub.com August 3rd, 2014

PubClub.com Gives This Cheer For Colleges And Sports These college football fans live up to the PubClub cheer of "Win Or Lose, We Booze!" By KevinWilkerson, PubClub

Top Party Schools 2014's Best Partying Colleges Rankings

By PubClub.com August 2nd, 2014

PubClub.com's Cheer Is Win or Lose, We Booze! PubClub.com is hooked – Texas is our #1 Party School.   By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com What's a

Top Party Schools Criteria For Choosing Biggest Partying Colleges

By PubClub.com August 2nd, 2014

Tradition, Tailgating And Great College Bars The lively bars on Austin's Sixth Street give Texas the edge in PubClub.com's Top Party School rankings. Nearly everyone has a

Hot August Nights: Top Party Events & Destinations

By PubClub.com August 1st, 2014

The Zurich Street Parade, Creamfields, Beatleweek And College Football The Zurich Street Parade brings out the hot looks in Switzerland each August. By KevinWilkerson, PubClu

Switzerland Among World's Top Destinations For August Events

By PubClub.com August 1st, 2014

Swiss National Day, A Rock Festival And Zurich Street Parade The Zurich Street Parade caps off a rush of August events in Switzerland. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com With

Top 5 Things This Travel Blogger Likes About Switzerland (Especially #4!)

By PubClub.com August 1st, 2014

Of Rivers And Lakes, Trains & Trams And Drinking In The Streets PubClub.com's blogger relaxes as he casually crosses a river in Bail, Switzerland. Not only

Top 10 Ways To Know You Are Vacationing In Switzerland

By PubClub.com August 1st, 2014

There's More Than The Swiss Alps To Identify This Country   The Swiss Alps look down on the city of Bern, Switzerland's capitol. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com Sur

Waikiki Beach's Best Booze Cruises Party Boats Guide Review

By PubClub.com July 24th, 2014

Boats Off The Beach Serve Mai Tais And Memories The PubClubettes have their mai tais on a Waikiki Beach booze cruise.                  By&n

Moorings Interline Regatta 2014 Costume Theme Party Schedule

By PubClub.com July 23rd, 2014

Pirates & Wenches, 80s, Mardi Gras And Tacky Tourist Parties The pirates and wenches party is an annual tradition at the Interline Regatta in the British Virgin Islands. By Ke

Corfu Nightlife Pink Palace Toga Party Guide Review

By PubClub.com July 8th, 2014

Party Guide To This Fun Island In Greece It's a wild scene at the legendary Pink Palace for the toga party. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com Corfu could be called the Paradis

Santorini Nightlife Reviews Best Bars Clubs Top Sunset Spot

By PubClub.com July 8th, 2014

The Ultimate Party Guide To The Town Of Fira There's always a party in the fun bars of Santorini. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com, Santorini Veteran Some may lay claim

Key West Sunsets A Daily Ritual And The Top Must-Do Event

By PubClub.com June 21st, 2014

The Conch Republic Shines Brightest The End Of Each Day It's a pretty picture, but there's more to sunsets in Key West than the sun & sailboats. By KevinWilkerson

Mykonos Nightlife Singles Straight Bars Party Reviews

By PubClub.com December 30th, 2013

Paradise Beach, And The Skandianavian Bar Set The WIld Party Scene Paradise Beach is aptly named because it's a true partiers paradise. By KevinWilkerson, PubClub.com, My




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